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  • Operation Walk Syracuse Extends Gratitude to Franciscan

    Operation Walk Syracuse would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Franciscan Companies for their tremendous support to Operation Walk Syracuse. Thanks to their donation our Nepalese patients will have the use of reacher/grabbers, sock aides, commodes, raisted toilet seats, wheelchairs, oximeters, and glucose monitors during our November visit.

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  • Musings on Nepal

    Namaste. (nah-mah-stay). This simple Hindu greeting is expressed by pressing the palms of the hands together in front of the heart. The head is bowed slightly as the word is spoken. It literally means "the spirit orlight within me recognizes and honors the spirit or light within you."

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  • Joint Replacement Materials: What’s in an implant?

    The future evolution of joint replacement materials promises to bring newer materials with hopes of longer implant life and less wear characteristics. One example of new technology advancement is a hybrid metal-ceramic material.

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  • Blood Conservation During Joint Replacement Surgery

    Everyone undergoing joint replacement surgery is concerned with preventing the need for blood transfusion. There are compelling reasons to minimizethe need for blood transfusions

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  • A Lingering memory from a day long ago

    It was August 1990, the days when beepers simply beeped and cell phones housed a whole suitcase. I sat in the emergency room waiting for the inevitable consequence of a smoldering Syracuse summer day. The sunset is especially appreciated in our city of long winters and gray skies. A cooling breeze arose as the heavy sun drifted lower, dragging a shadowacross the cityscape. The desire to be outside was irresistible.

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