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  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: Success in the right patient

    Metal on Metal (MoM) hip replacement and resurfacing implants have been prominent in the news over the last several years. MoM articulations have been attractive to joint replacement engineers because of the potential advantages of decreased wear when compared to metal on plastic hip (MoP) articulations.

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  • Metal on Metal

    Fifteen years ago lab studies revealed that metal-on-metal hip replacements had lower overall wear compared to metal-on-plastic hips. Engineers measured the volume of wear particles produced over simulated 10, 20 and 30-year spans of hip wear in the laboratory.

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  • Partial Knee Replacement

    Partial Knee Replacement is an operation that has been around for more than 60years! It actually was the precursor to today’s modern Total Knee Replacement operation. The operation has gone through many evolutions along the way and today is a very technical and highly successful operation when applied to the right patient.

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  • Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip replacement surgery has been one of the most successful procedures in medicine to improve the quality of life, restoring patient’s function to an active and productive lifestyle. Recent advances have emerged to allow for hip replacements to be performed one day and selected patients can go home the next day. This has been possible due to advances in technology, surgical technique, and protocols.

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  • Road Trip to Boston

    As you drive up to the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston the origins of the facility as a turn of the 18 th Century Tuberculosis Asylum is evident. The hospital is perched on a hill overlooking the then farmland of Brookline, now a bustling extension of the classic New England Metropolis.

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