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  • Reflections on my first day

    Amidst the clutter of half-opened shipping boxes and the chaos of three young boys ages one, three and five happily romping in the configuration of boxes, furniture and other odds and ends as if they were secret tunnels deep within an enemy fort, I took a moment to reflect on what had been and what was yet to be. Years and years of education, training and refinement of my clinical and diagnostic skills were now behind me, and I began to envision what the years ahead as an attending surgeon would bring.

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  • Back to Boston

    As you drive up to the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston the origins of the facility as a turn of the 18 th Century Tuberculosis Asylum is evident. The hospital is perched on a hill overlooking the then farmland of Brookline, now a bustling extension of the classic New England Metropolis.

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  • The Road to Orthopedics

    I am frequently asked by patients, students, health care providers, and others, what it takes to become a surgeon, or more specifically an orthopedic surgeon. What is the genome and make up of an orthopedic surgeon? Although the path to becoming an orthopedic physician is similar for all, individual life experiences and environment significantly contribute to selecting a medical specialty.

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  • Multimodal pain management during joint replacement surgery

    We recognize that pain is a major concern for a patient about to undergo hip or knee replacement surgery. Educating yourself about pain and effective ways to manage it before experiencing surgical pain can reduce your fear and assist you to manage your expectations and ultimately, yourpost-operative pain.

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  • Granting the wish to walk

    Greetings from Nepal. I have embarked on our "pre-trip" to Nepal a few days early to spend some "adventure-time" with two of my sons. We will enjoy exploring and trekking for a week and will then meet up with Kim Murray and Mike O’Hara in Kathmandu to begin the exciting process ofplanning for our surgery visit in November.

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