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Dr. Brett B. Greenky

  • What Factors Affect the Result of my Knee or Hip Replacement

    Increasingly patients are accessing health care services to increase mobility, functionality, and pain-free lifestyle choices through joint replacement services. This year more than 560,000 knee replacements and over 400,000 hip replacements will be performed in the United States alone.

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  • Shoulder Arthritis

    The shoulder joint is really made up of two Joints: The AC Joint and the Glenohumeral Joint. The AC joint is so named because the Acromion and the Clavicle touch together here. The Acromion is part of the shoulder blade. The AC joint can and does become arthritic.

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  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement: Bone sparing alternative

    Alternative Names: Partial Knee Replacement, Unicondylar Knee Replacement, Unicompartmental Knee Replacement, Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty, Minimally Invasive Partial Knee Replacement.

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  • The Power of Teams

    Anyone who knows us well, knows our sentiment about "our team." Being branded a team does not in itself make a team, in fact, far from it. The word "team" is overused and in fact often misused. At worst, people can be brought together structurally and be nothing more than folks functioning independently without common goals or vision.

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  • Operation Walk Syracuse: Preparing For Panama

    Operation Walk Syracuse is a group of orthopedic specialists (surgeons, medical doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and physical therapists) who travel to countries that lack ample access to desperately needed hip and knee replacement surgeries. The surgeries are performed at no cost and patients receive the same state of the art services that our patients receive here at home.

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