Patient Testimonials for Dr. Timothy H. Izant

I am always happy that I have chosen Dr. Izant to do my two replacement surgeries. I just pray that he works long enough to keep me moving.

Dr. Izant was very knowledgeable and excellent in his explanation of my problem. I have always received great care from everyone at SOS.

Dr. Izant is very caring and very thoughtful.

Excellent provider regarding clinical expertise, professional manner, and interest in the patient.

I am a long time patient of Dr. Izant and completely trust my care by him and his staff! Awesome! I was in a lot of pain with my right leg and was seen very quickly and professionally.

I've recommended Dr. Izant to many people already.

Dr. Izant is highly regarded not just for technical skill, but also for the level of care he provides.

The physician was not in a hurry, and was willing to discuss all issues/questions I had.

Dr. Izant spent a great deal of time answering my many questions, which I appreciate very much.

My life has been transformed by my arthroplasty and my joy is boundless. I overflow with gratitude.

Doctor very informative and explained everything very well. Very easy to understand and a great personality.

Dr. Izant was exceptional.

Dr. Izant is the BEST!! I recommend Dr. Izant to everyone.

My husband and I were very impressed with Dr. Izant and the nurses.

I think I had the best doctor--Dr. Timothy Izant.

Dr. Izant was really very thorough, using a calm voice, friendly mannerism, and showed me a lot of respect. He was very informative of what I should do for my knee condition.

Dr. Izant and his staff are great.

Dr. Izant gave me a feeling of confidence and optimism I didn't have before me consult with him.

Dr. Izant has my deepest respect. His gentle manner and deep concern is evident at every appointment. My recovery time post surgery was shorter than usual and Dr. Izant has an unhurried, yet concerning demeanor. I am moving to FL. and will miss his thorough and positive care. I cannot thank him enough for his kind and thorough care! Sincere thanks to the best ortho doc in Syracuse!!!!

My entire visit took no more than 30 minutes, including x-rays and meeting with the physician.

Dr. Izant is wonderful!!

Very cordial listened to my concerns and answered questions without rushing.

Love SOS.,3. Love Dr. Izant.

Dr. Izant is the BEST.

I appreciated the fact the doctor was late because it told me he values spending quality time with each patient.